Tuesday, June 25, 2024

6 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

Air conditioning problems always occur during the most inconvenient time. The problem generally occurs when an AC has been pushed beyond its capacity during an extremely hot day. Repairing the AC is important to protect the family from extremely hot and dry weather. So, to maintain the AC with regular Air conditioning maintenance services, you need to contact with AC repair contractors.

This guest blog will discuss the six warning signs that your AC needs immediate repair services from AC contractor Fort Lake Wales.

1.      AC blowing Warm Air

An air conditioner keeps the room cool and pleasant during scorching summers. Thus, if you find that the AC is not cooling the room for a long time, you must call the air conditioner repair services. These contractors will provide quality services to fix the problem and will make your AC work properly.

There are various reasons for this particular malfunctioning of the AC; either the compressor is damaged, or there is any water leakage from the system. Thus, it is mandatory to call the AC contractor Fort Lake Wales, to mitigate the problem without any hassle.

2.      AC Thermostat is Malfunctioning

If there is any malfunction in the thermostat of an AC, then it is a major concern. It shows signs like turning off automatically and not turning on properly. You must urgently call the HVAC technicians if your AC shows these signs. The technicians will mitigate the problem by replacing the thermostat or exchanging the AC.

3.      Little Air Blows Out Of The Vents

Weak airflow is a major concern for the proper functioning of ACs in households. When the AC is turned on, the air flows weakly, failing to circulate throughout the room, which means there is some air leakage from the AC. For this cause, it is important to call the AC mechanics to fix the problem, as the source of this problem is uncertain.

The skilled HVAC technicians will determine the source of the problem and will mitigate it accordingly. The sufficient flow of cool air determines the proper functioning of the Air Conditioner.

4.      Loud Noises From The AC System

Sometimes, when the AC is turned on, we hear noises like grinding or scraping. This mainly occurs due to certain problems with the belt that moved out of the system. This serious issue can slowly damage other parts of the AC.

Therefore, it is important to call any AC contractor Fort Lake Wales to repair the problem by preventing further damage to other AC parts. Regular maintenance of AC prevents any sort of loud noises from the system.

5.      Water Leakages

Moisture leaking in and around the air conditioning system is problematic. This generally indicates any refrigerant leak due to the Freon becoming poisonous. You must call the HVAC technicians if the problem is serious, and in lesser cases, you can change the condensing pipe to prevent any leakage.

The water leakage problem occurs differently in different cases. Sometimes, water leakage occurs in the system, while other times, ice accumulates inside the condenser system. In both cases, it is a warning sign, and you must contact with any of the AC Contractor Fort Lake Wales.

6.      High Electricity Bill

In certain cases, the electricity bill frequently rises without any extra usage, even if the AC is turned on for a short time. This can be a major warning sign to get a repair and maintenance of the AC.

The major cause of this problem may be a broken thermostat switch or any sort of leakage in the HVAC system’s ductwork. But it will require repair services regardless of the cause of the high electricity bill.


AC repair is mandatory to keep it functional during extreme heat and dry weather. It serves the main purpose of keeping the temperature cool during times of extreme heat. Therefore, you must contact the top AC contractor Fort Lake Wales, to repair your HVAC system.

So, if you are looking for an expert HVAC technician to repair your AC after experiencing any warning signs, you can contact Charles M Watts Air Conditioning, Inc. They will provide you with top-quality HVAC technicians for air conditioner repair services.